Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our "Thankful" Butter Knives are Back!

Just in time for the holidays!

Many patterns to choose from in the shop now. Also, many "Spread Love," "Spread Peace," and "Spread Hope" butter knives have been listed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We have been asked many times to make these, and I never get around to taking pictures of them before mailing them off. Now I have, so they are an option up for sale in the shop.

It is really settling into fall weather here, in New England. The leaves are just starting to turn, and the sky is that incredible blue. Fleece jammies are on the kids at night, and pancakes have made an appearance or two at the breakfast table. I am furiously knitting away on my shawl, which I started last fall. I'm determined to wear it this season! The best time of the year has arrived!

Mike has been very busy working on an entirely new recycled silverware creation. As soon as he has perfected it, I will be previewing it here.

Have a wonderful week!