Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm back!

Whoa! It's been a very long time! Our computer died right before the holiday rush, which was extremely stressful, and we ran our Etsy shops solely by iPhone! It can be done, but it sure isn't easy. Happily, we have a computer again, and I thought I would give an overview of our goings-ons the last few months.

We celebrated three birthdays in our family, and they all began with the number 4. Only one of the three was happy about it!! (the other 2 were slightly shocked at having to leave a very nice and comfortable decade for one that screams the dreaded words "middle-aged"!)


Christmas tree hunting.

I knit this adorable sweater for Molly's Christmas doll. Ravelry notes here.

If you recall from last October, I spun the fiber for the dolls hair, half on my spindles, and the rest on my wheel. I then followed this tutorial for sewing the hair onto the head. It worked wonderfully!

At Grammie and Grandad's, watching the cows in the pasture.


I joined a metal arts studio, and have been enjoying creating alongside some super talented women. Find my jewelry here.

This ring is made from sterling, Cherry Creek Jasper, a slice of naturally shed deer antler, and a deer ingot I made in fine silver.

And lastly, this has made a weekly appearance in my house. Chocolate Coconut Bark. Fabulous, and healthy!!  (Mike got silly when he saw it hardening in the fridge!)
It's merely:
1/2 cup coconut oil, softened
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup honey (or 2 T honey and 3 packets Truvia)
I double the batch. Mix all in a food processor, pour into a foil lined baking sheet with a lip, and pop in fridge. It hardens quickly and you can break it into chunks. It does soften if left out, so I keep it in the fridge. If you make it with the 1/2 cup of honey, it is more fudge-like. If you do the Truvia and honey, it is more bark-like.
There are a few links to this recipe on the net, but I can't find the one I used right now.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I can't imagine trying to run a store from an iPhone during my busiest time of year. I would have had a nervous breakdown.

    1. I nearly did, a few times! Replying to all the convos was the hardest - one letter at a time!

  2. Love you're funny face montage! I love the artsy 1980s look to some of the pictures. I think it makes little guy look even more like Mike ... or rather, like his childhood photos!

    Love the look of the chocolate bark recipe. Well, except for the Truvia. I had to look it up because I wasn't familiar with it and it looked kind of scary. Did you know that it's made by Coca Cola and goes through a chemical process to "extract" a part of the stevia plant? I think I'll stick with honey and give it a try this vacation week. Woohoo! Maybe I'll make a forest!

    OH, and I love Molly's dolly' hair. Wow, say that a few times fast... ;-)

    1. It's good with the honey - just keep it in the fridge, or it gets too soft very quickly. Hope you like it!