Thursday, April 11, 2013

The beginnings of spring!

Spring has officially arrived with temps in the 70s this week - so lovely!! We've been celebrating with a lot of outdoor time, and many trips to the playground. It's always so interesting to see my children reacquaint themselves with our favorite playground at the end of the winter. A little more independent than the previous fall, and I find myself sitting on the bench more and more as I watch them make friends and tackle new equipment on their own. I am always slightly sad, watching them grow, but this change is one I welcome!
This week held a walk on the beach, searching for seashells, feeding the ducks, turtles, and fish at a local little pond, and a yummy stop at our local ice cream shop.
One of those days, I came home to find Mike had set up one of his wonderful flea market finds for me - our "new" kitchen table! Isn't it beautiful? The bottom pedestal needs work - repainting at the very least - but the top is in good condition, and I just love it. Even better, it matches my yellow/orange curtains that I made a couple of years ago! Phew!
How are you celebrating the start of spring?

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