Friday, December 6, 2013


Well! Time has gotten away from me. Christmas is right around the bend, with two birthdays just days before it. It's a busy month for us!

September and October were lovely, and filled with our favorite family traditions. Apple picking, trips to local farms, and just spending every moment possible outside under that brilliant blue October sky.

November was a bit lost to us all. I had an unforeseen medical emergency, requiring lots of monitoring, and then ultimately emergency surgery. I am recovering well now, and nearly back to normal. Thanksgiving day was the one bright spot in the month. I managed to hobble my way up the stairs to my in-laws house, where I promptly fell into the softest chair they have and was waited on for the rest of the day. Not entirely a bad thing!

And now, December with all its beauty, peace (strived for, anyway!), and joy. We are very grateful, especially after all we went through, for the blessings we have been given!

Have a wonderful, joy-filled month, my friends!

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